ELOFICASH is a collaborative latest generation software package designed to organise, automate and optimise the steps involved in sending out reminders and debt collection… Dispute management, risk management and decision support complete the functions the package covers.

ELOFICASH is an upscalable integrated software package that can quickly be adapted to a company’s different needs:
 Optimisation of reminder sending and amicable debt recovery
 Credit Risk prevention and management
 Effective dispute resolution
 Multidimensional interactive analyses in real-time, customisable reports


Optimisation of reminder sending and amicable debt recovery


The implementation of specific business scenarios and the setting up of automated reminder sending strategies help to optimise customer relations. Each person involved in the management of accounts receivable is given responsibility for this relationship over the long term thanks to better sharing of information through work lists, daily alerts and interactive features.


ELOFICASH is capable of automatically proposing to reminder clerks, the Credit Manager or the Finance Manager work lists generated based on priority criteria.

ELOFICASH automates both internal and external tasks and prepares reminders based on designated procedures for each customer. A reminder procedure is a sequence of actions that is planned for before and/or after the due date.

These actions, individual or mass, may involve sending a letter, a fax, an e-mail, making a telephone call, an appointment, sending a registered letter with a final demand, or passing on a file to the litigation department, to an external service provider or the management committee along with all the related documents.


A quick and synthetic overview of the action plans implemented concerning your accounts receivable.


The integrity of the company’s information system is protected and customer information becomes homogeneous, traceable and shareable by all the employees concerned. ELOFICASH saves time, reduces costs and improves debt collection performance.


Credit Risk prevention and management


A customised scoring system activates alerts for the interlocutors involved in decision-making for a higher level of responsiveness whilst respecting the decision support model chosen by the company.


You gain in efficiency thanks to the consistent logging of exchanges and the automated management of the different credit contracts freely defined by the company or imported from an external application..

Thanks to the power of an embedded ETL system, COVLINE has the ability to interface easily with external applications, providers of financial information, credit insurance and factoring companies, etc…


ELOFICASH allows the user to define customised alerts at various levels with the MY GUIDE feature and to automatically propose to decision-makers work lists generated on the basis of established risk management priority criteria.


Effective dispute resolution


The dispute follow-up feature includes the possibility of passing on all the documents to a manager, the generation of actions, credit notes, etc… . Promises to pay are recorded, then checked on the appropriate date. Documents are managed by an integrated DMS, enabling them to be shared.



A transverse approach to the management of accounts receivable allows you to integrate the actions of employees working in different functions across the company. Therefore you can inform and alert all those concerned inside and outside the company in order to optimise decision-making. You can control the processing step by step to compress the time needed to resolve disputes and claims.

Multidimensional interactive analyses in real-time

With its VISIO CASH module, ELOFICASH offers, as standard, a powerful database analysis function that enables the user to design and store different enquiries and to make queries by reminder clerk, sales rep, etc., including with cross-referenced criteria.


You also have, as standard, a large number of reports that can be completed in just a few clicks with specific reports in either Excel or PDF format.


SMART CASH mobility option:


Use smartphones and/or tablets to view accounts, entries, actions, disputes, exchange information and communicate with all the internal and external players in the customer relationship.


A « Chatter » feature (chat room) enables interactive discussions between different departments and people concerned by customer relations and cash management.

This « Chatter » feature becomes an interactive tool for accelerating and resolving disputes and claims by involving all the internal or external people involved in your customer issues.


With these innovative functions, you will be able to set up intra-company communities and share a truly « CASH-FOCUSED SPiRIT »