ELOFICASH is an innovative solution that combines power and simplicity to efficiently manage your accounts receivable!

The ideal tool for credit and risk management 2.0.

As well as being an innovative solution, ELOFICASH also serves as a genuine vector of communication between your service providers.

The only solution on the market to include a discussion forum (chat room) and to be collaborative, with smartphone and tablet compatibility, it takes advantage of all the latest technologies to get all your employees involved in the focus on cash.


Thanks to its web technology, ELOFICASH interacts with the data from your information systems as well as those of your real-time partners.

Responsiveness and interactivity are the keys to anticipation and will be a powerful lever for improving your WCR.

Also featuring an alert system, an EXPERT REMINDER system and powerful reminder, risk, dispute and analysis dashboards, the ELOFICASH solution is a fantastic tool that will increase the productivity of your reminder clerks, credit manager, finance manager and decision-makers.

ELOFICASH is THE solution for bringing in cash, reducing the DSO and the disputes DSO, and coping with the credit crunch.

The ELOFICASH solution is available under several business models (subscription, licence, CLOUD), with contract reversibility.