As the IGREC Group’s core business is outsourced accounts receivable management, and more widely, financial customer relations, we needed to upgrade to a solution that would allow us greater flexibility, customisation and responsiveness, all of which are deep-seated in our genes.

The Eloficash solution meets these requirements thanks to:

– Its great flexibility and the high level of customisation possible


– The possibility of having complete control over the software: we can autonomously install a database, customise it and link it up with our customers’ IT systems


– Without imposing SaaS mode on us, which would not meet our requirements, and yet nevertheless allowing our customers SaaS-equivalent access to the database dedicated to them.


– Its scalability: we know that our needs are continually changing, driven by our customers’ requirements and the expertise we wish to share. The Eloficash development process enables us to remain responsive.


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