ELOFICASH is now connected to the services of « EULER HERMES SFAC »


For its « risk » functions, ELOFICASH has opted to synchronise insurance information with SFAC’s services.

An advanced data connector is now available to all its partners and clients.

It enables insurance and coverage data to be synchronised and fast access to key information concerning the company’s risk exposure.

These updating and synchronisation functions are extremely useful and relevant in these difficult times, when companies need to manage their risk, internal credit and receivables insurance coverage as effectively as possible.

This data connector is designed to allow the customisation of information from EULER HERMES SFAC’s SMARTLINK services that the user needs in ELOFICASH.

The expert consultants responsible for integrating the ELOFICASH solution are able to advise clients on how to set up and optimise suitable processes.

This information can be used to generate lists and alerts in ELOFICASH.

With this advanced data connector and EULER HERMES SFAC’s secure SMARTLINK web service, the user will find his workload considerably reduced.


A considerable amount of time can be saved, especially for companies managing a significant number of guarantees.

The data and flows generated are totally secure.

Insurance coverage processes are therefore simplified and automated.


The credit and/or risk manager is free to concentrate on his ELOFICASH application, which with this extra data connector, asserts it position as communication platform solution for all the services related to receivables and cash optimisation.