On 24 April 2014 e-need partner COVLINE organised a « business morning » event on how to optimise accounts receivable management.


We would particularly like to thank the 30 participants who attended our business morning on the theme of:


Optimising your customer cycle management using accounts receivable management software in a secure environment.


The success of the seminar is proof that there are needs out there in terms of information, methods and operational organisation on credit management processes and accounts receivable management software as well as on data security.


The seminar was attended by major groups, mid-sized companies and SMEs, leading to a rich exchange of ideas during the course of the morning.  A presentation was given by Laura DELMAS, Chairperson of ACM EXPERTS, a credit management consultancy, on the financial issues around sales and credit management processes. The presentation of the ELOFICASH tool by Sébastien HECKEL and Christophe VUITTON, General Manager of COVLINE, emphasised the effectiveness and responsiveness of the software, enabling firms to achieve ambitious cashflow objectives, to structure a cross-functional work organisation based on a collaborative approach between in-house departments and external services. E-need, a technology systems integrator-operator, presented by its Chairman, Luc MARTA DE ANDRADE, was able to reassure the companies on the issue of data security by presenting its solutions, which are proving their worth in companies of all sizes, and whatever the environment. Finally, IGREC, represented by its Chairman, Bruno BLANC FONTENILLE, shared its experience of outsourcing debt collection.

In order to continue the dialogue and provide a response to company managers’ major concerns regarding cashflow optimisation, we will be organising our next business morning events in Lyon in June and in Paris in October 2014.

We look forward to seeing you at one of them!