COVLINE has set up a partnership with AMTrust to include a paperless reminder feature in the ELOFICASH solution.


At a time when the search for savings and return on investment criteria are paramount, COVLINE offers its clients the chance to save a great deal of time, energy and money with a genuine paperless document solution.

These savings can really become very significant when large volumes are involved. This has been demonstrated by certain clients, and more particularly those who are Shared Services Centres.

In fact, savings can be made on multiple fronts. Postage costs can be drastically reduced. All the direct and indirect costs relating to printing, enveloping and handling batches of letters become minimal, even non-existent.

Processing costs go the same way and responsiveness is increased.


The technological partnership rests on a connector that exchanges information concerning reminder letters whatever the vector of communication ( fax, e-mail, ordinary letter, registered letter, SMS).

In the case of a mass reminder, ELOFICASH generates a file for AMTrust. For each letter to be edited, ELOFICASH generates an action.

This action is recorded and will remain permanently accessible to a search on the entry or account concerned.

In return AMTrust will feed into these actions information concerning the receipt of documents by their addressees.


Not only does the user have complete traceability, but thanks to the electronic Document Management System integrated in ELOFICASH, he also has an instant view of the document.

All these documents, e-mails and messages can be stored without any limit by the software and produced in a few clicks.

Particular attention is paid to « pre-reminders » sent by e-mail or SMS, as these are remarkably effective and virtually cost-free!

This type of connector is designed as a standard module, and guarantees you complete peace of mind as regards upgrades to the respective software platforms.